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JA Inspire is more than Junior Achievements Career Exploration Fair; it brings together the business community and local schools and is designed to help launch 8th, 11th and 12th grade students into their FUTURE—high school, college, and careers beyond.

We invite you to join us to explore customized exhibitor booths over eight different career pathways with local industries showcasing career information, photos, videos, internships and much more.

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Speaker / Webinar Information

Speaker / Webinar Information

Navigating the Virtual Career Fair

Navigating the Virtual Career Fair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students will begin their exploration with mostly abstract notions and will end up focused and activated, with real insights on what industries interest them, what specific jobs are like, and what education is required to do them successfully. Not all students receive career mentorship at home, and JA Inspire Virtual will help students begin focusing on their future career options. For businesses, this is a chance to build your workforce and start showcasing the careers that will be needed for your business in the future!
Students are pre-registered by their schools and will login using their unique username provided by their teacher. There is no password for students and once logged in, click on the building to enter JA Inspire. For questions relating to JA Inspire access please contact Claire Aguilera at 954-979-7104 or Claire@JASouthFlorida.org
Students enter the main lobby area first. If you are taking a pre or post survey, choose survey first. If not, we suggest you visit the exhibitors' booths that match your career interests. Choose either Exhibitor Hall – one shows local Industries and the other High School Magnet Programs. Continue by visiting the auditorium for webinars with engaging presenters.
Some booths will have booth representatives who will answer your question in the Q and A box. Check back to see if your question has been answered. All Q and A will be monitored and there will be no student-to-student chat.
Yes, each student has a bag pack they can save items to and use an email address to forward saved documents, flyers, videos etc.
JA Inspire has allowed you to do more research into careers you may not have considered or to visit those you are already interested in. Post event you can research the company websites, complete the post curriculum and continue to use JA resources to determine your future plan.
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For questions relating to JA Inspire access please contact Claire Aguilera at 954-979-7104

All students are registered through their schools and students will login to JA Inspire using the username provided by their teacher. To find out more information or to be a part of JA Inspire please visit https://jasouthflorida.org/programs/ja-inspire/